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Our Story



The Beginning


In 2009 the vision of Bypass was created - Adam Folino, our Founder and Director of Operations, decided he wanted to try his hand at being a client-side Project Manager. He reached out to a recruiter, who swiftly sent his CV to multiple firms.

Without meeting the recruiter face-to-face, an interview was scheduled and Adam scored the role within a week. He was placed and happy in his newfound role until he saw the recruiter's bill was over $10,000.


This was a 'light-bulb' moment. All the recruiter did was make a couple of phone calls, flick a resume around and send a calendar invitation….


This concept stuck in Adam’s mind. Surely, there’s no justification for that kind of commission for what was really very minimal work.


In 2013 Adam started Bypass, with the aim of connecting property and construction professionals for a reduced cost. Having had no prior recruitment experience, it was a gamble. But with his construction background, combined with ever-evolving technology, he found he could connect the dots between employer and potential employee.


Since then - Bypass has never looked back, helping our clients achieve combined savings of over $10 million and counting, cutting out the middle-man, namely recruiters.



Ramping Up


With three years of sustained growth and profitability, Bypass has become a solid platform, successfully placing candidates around the country. With continuing growth came the need to find someone who could help build a growth framework. Tony Dymock was welcomed to the Bypass team.


Tony had applied for a few roles through Bypass and, because of his construction experience and entrepreneurial flair, caught Adam’s attention. In 2016 Tony began consulting for Bypass, assisting with the growth and development of the platform Nationally.


This young, dynamic, and success-hungry team create all the systems and management capabilities a disruptive company needs to support employers and candidates. Bypass continues to empower the direct connection between employer and candidate, enabling employers to reclaim some of the $11 billion spent on recruiting agencies every year.



The Future


World domination! Controlled, consistent growth and expansion Nationally.


Bypass is now renowned for providing an agency service at a fraction of the cost, continuing to save clients $10,000+ per hire, time and time again. Property and Construction employers now use Bypass exclusively and trust our ever growing ability to connect the right candidate with the ideal employer.


Still not convinced? Try it. Post your first job ad free. Seriously.



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